Splash Safety at Sea, Marine and Nautical School


SPLASH safety at sea, marine & nautical school is pioneer in WORLD PROPERTY DUE concept and incorporated in  Mauritius as recognized specialised training institution. Under splash school odyssey proximity system, splash school is developing worldwide to make SPORT and EDUCATION engineering and values a pillar for sustainable transport research technologies in different fields of concerns for nautical, aeronautical and astronautical sectors.

   SPLASH school voice proximity system through Splash school voice members and affiliated Splash school organization with regional and worldwide land base information research centers under international registered bodies to develops NANO-ECONOMICAL structures with much services and assistance as possible. These new structures incorporated by governmental bodies to set educational auto- finance system or refunding by commercial exchange development to help and assist sustainable and integrated life development within its micro and macro economical needs


Splash school voice members’ VALUES & MISSION: SAVE & PRESERVE LIFE. 


Assist and help SPORT STRUCTURES as a pillar for transport economical development via integrated communication to set opportunities in nautical, aeronautical and astronautical sectors using odyssey proximity systems.



To adapt splash school voice members (as any individuals or Groups, Ngo's, Union, Clubs, Societies, Welfare funds, Trusts, Confederation, Federations, Associations,International incorporated bodies or any other registered organization)  not only within his micro and macro environment but permanently analysing the standards towards its objectives by NANO-ECONOMICAL study.

splash school affiliated bodies are structured to act in different regions of the world through SPLASH SCHOOL affiliation development program set up AUTO FINANCE EDUCATIVE SYLLABUS in regards to upgrade each country basic knowledge for better pension and insurance national cover.

Our scholarship program is mainly working through governmental and private educative institution.

Safety at sea:

This section , in regard to the national and international laws, rules, regulations and conventions in each sector involved will work in collaboration with NGOs’, concerned Authorities , governmental bodies to adapt in oceans the facilities required and implement further technologies where safety, security and human rights is CONCERN.

Communication and information is our main pillar where splash school odyssey system and specialised splash school educative concept are introduce through SPLASH SCHOOL AFFILIATED LAND BASED REGIONAL(governmental or non governmental) stations and affiliated splash school voice member organizations.


This section is the development undertook with every SPLASH SCHOOL AFFILIATED LAND BASED REGIONAL training institutions, NGOs’, national and international authorities concerned, worldwide educational bodies to promote education for marine natural parks, reserves, territorial survey in biodiversity, development of marine energy and other research.

Seminars, conferences and international meetings, and splash team capacity building workshops will be pillars to work,  understand, assist, contribute to preserve and develop sustainable marine ecology and ecosystem and to create future investment in that sector.


This section will be regulated by safety at sea under international rules and regulations and each countries strategies:

this section regroup nautical synergy and different steps of H2O to secure splash voice member org intellectual savoir faire, research and capacity building study based from the past to sustainable future interest and other needs to perform transport for aeronautical & astronautical sector.

It will help splash members, splash affiliated companies employees, region of this planet in all the activities known in the nautical sector by sport and its professional environment needs and study. It is bound to create new technology and take part in regional, national and international demonstrations, games, events, meetings, shows, forums, exhibition, and competition.

Research in future innovation, creation of concepts and design for further adaptation of human being is an important factor which evolved NANO-ECONOMICAL STUDY where human necessities to survive, live and create will have to be saveguard.

SPLASH SAFETY AT SEA, MARINE & NAUTICAL SCHOOL is you as a splash school voice members and your due as now SPLASH SAFETY AT SEA, MARINE & NAUTICAL SCHOOL is a WORLD PROPERTY DUE to improve standards for the international world traffic density, global warming, food conservation and other economic pillars that need to be preserve for sustainable life development.

Education is SPLASH VOICE MEMBER watchdog to help non profit organization, educative bodies and governmental organization to have a FREE access to use splash school voice proximity educative system.

The participation of preprimary schools, schools, colleges, academies, training centers, educative institutions companies training division and departments, governmental educative divisions, universities, associations, concerned authorities, governmental bodies, companies,  international NGOs’ and other institutions can work now and USE SPLASH SCHOOL PROXIMITY SYSTEM and prepare in each country yearly autogenerated national financial pillars and be SPLASH SCHOOL integrated ACTOR to protect, conserve, learn, exchange information to SAVE & PRESERVE LIFE.




Splash Safety at Sea, Marine and Nautical School  Access to a Sustainable integrated educative structures by affiliating system. Affiliation is OPEN & FREE for educative bodies, NGOs, Governmental Bodies and Companies.

 To become a SPLASH SCHOOL voice member:  you can choose to be a (Platinum, Goal, Silver, Bronze or  ordinary and dormant voice) as Benevolent, Coordinator, Agent, Chancellor, Counselor, Commodore, Admiral, Ambassador, Lecturer, Trainer, President, Consultant, Annalist, Developer, Project Manager, Liason Officer, National Instructor and other members voice members social ranking status. Please just contact splash manegament for further info on splashmauritius@yahoo.fr

 To become a SPLASH SCHOOL affiliated org,club, federation, society, union, association and any other institution: which are recognized as non profit status are auto-finance affiliated system process AND will just receive SPLASH SCHOOL intro letter. Please just contact splash manegament for further info on splashmauritius@yahoo.fr

 To become a SPLASH SCHOOL affiliated company or any profit making organisational life or group of companies: are recognized as dormant affiliated organisation to activate process auto-refund annual fees is need for employees pension scheme world plan structures. Please contact splash manegament for further info on splashmauritius@yahoo.fr