Splash Safety at Sea, Marine and Nautical School


SPLASH safety at sea, marine & nautical school is pioneer in WORLD PROPERTY DUE-(droit de propriete mondial) and incorporated in  Mauritius as recognized specialised training institution. Under splash school odyssey proximity system, splash school is developing worldwide to make SPORT and EDUCATION engineering values pillars for sustainable coming up generation where sustainable transport research technologies is needed in different fields of concerns for nautical, aeronautical and astronautical sectors.

   SPLASH school voice proximity system through Splash school voice members and affiliated Splash school organization with regional and worldwide land base information research centers under international registered bodies to develops NANO-ECONOMICAL structures with much services and assistance as possible. These splash school structures incorporated by inter governmental or governmental bodies, private sectors, educational organisation, ngo's, regional corporations to set educational auto-finance system, grants, subsides, or other integrated refunding systems by commercial exchange development to help and assist sustainable and integrated life development within its micro and macro economical needs under nano environmental studies.


Splash school voice members’ VALUES & MISSION: SAVE & PRESERVE LIFE.


SPLASH safety at sea, marine & nautical school works through this proximity concept to help, assist, prepare and develop national, regional & international governmental bodies, NGOs, federations, societies, syndicats, clubs, associations, universities, academies, schools, companies educational department, groups and non institutional organisations to prepare specialized and specific studies and set up initiatives for international organization to promote education and knowledge by convention, memorandum of understanding, protocols’, games, championships, forums, events and meetings in sectors where transport is a need for sustainable development.


SPLASH safety at sea, marine & nautical school through affiliated splash educative institutes with local, regional & international splash school advisers and splash voice members exist to help, develop, prepare and set integrated programs under STCW standards with IMO registered organization in sport, cultural, health, transport, social and environmental to maintain our seafarers’,islanders, coastal regions and any aquatic boundaries (rivers and lakes) citizens standards  with savoir faire  towards higher goals for safety and life expansion in liquid environment.


        SPLASH safety at sea, marine & nautical school is an asset that your institutional organization NEEDS to prepare new fields of concern in the preservation and future human adaption for quality of food, health, safety, social, environmental sectors. FREE EDUCATIONAL splash concepts plans for international educative framework and higher standards of living are splash school priorities with SPORT industries sustainable growth and trade market transport engineering will have new steps for integrated displacement in marine, nautical, aeronautical and eventually astronautical economic sectors to forecast basic citizenship dues as pension and insurance cover.


  Communication platforms through splash odyssey proximity system and splash school training institution franchise will have for duty to preserve, prepare opportunities and help with events, seminars, conference, meetings, games and other integrated development which your life incorporation body needs  SPLASH safety at sea, marine & nautical school to work for, to optimize your priorities as splash school is your due. 


 Access to a Sustainable integrated educative structures.

Splash school management remain at your disposal for any further assistance, support and information.   

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Splash safety at sea, Marine & Nautical School

Siege social: Splash Marie Rita Clemence THERESE DE PERINDORGE Research center,

Allée Camphres, Henry Koenig Rd, Curepipe. Mauritius

Tel: + (230)57011492

EMAIL splashmauritius@yahoo.fr

Skype: splashschool



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